Independent Living

The Independent Living (IL) Philosophy is a social movement that
advocates for individuals with disabilities to live as independently as
possible, with the same opportunities and freedoms as non-disabled individuals.
The philosophy emphasizes the importance of removing barriers and creating an
inclusive society that values the contributions of people with disabilities.

Home modifications play a significant role in supporting the
IL Philosophy by removing physical barriers in the home and
providing access to daily activities. Modifications such as ramps, stair
glides, walk-in showers, and grab bars can help individuals with disabilities
live more independently in their own homes, avoiding the need to move to a restrictive
and isolating nursing home or assisted living facility. These modifications
provide individuals with disabilities the ability to move freely and safely
within their homes, allowing them to maintain their independence and dignity.

In summary, the IL Philosophy is a movement
that promotes independence, equality, and inclusiveness for individuals with
disabilities. Home modifications are a key aspect in supporting this philosophy
by removing physical barriers and allowing individuals with disabilities to
live more independently in their own homes.

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